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We are a family deeply impacted by drug addiction. Our Son and Brother Michael, tragically lost his battle with drug addiction on November 8, 2016. Michael fought addiction for a number of years and in many ways we also learned the struggle and anguish of addiction every step of the way.

Michael was someone who, growing up, was a great friend with a wonderful sense of humor and infectious smile. He was a natural athlete who excelled at sports and was a loving and caring individual to anyone he crossed paths with. 
After high school, Michael started by experimenting with Oxycodone pills. The experimenting quickly spiraled into dependence on the drug. Like so many people who start out in this way, this became an expensive habit that led to a dependence on heroin.


As a family, we spent countless hours over the last six years thinking about whether Michael would be okay and live a healthy and sober life. We know that our family is not alone in this fight against drug addiction. We hope that other families do not have to go through the tragic loss of their loved one. The vision for Michael Sena Memorial Fund was inspired by Michael Sena in hoping to raise awareness about drug addiction and bringing together resources for those seeking treatment and in recovery. Through this event we want to inspire hope for addicts and their families that it is possible to remain sober and live a healthy life.

Throughout this journey, Michael had been in and out of various rehabs, sober houses, and meetings over the years. When he was sober, he was a shining light to others who were still fighting their battle against the drug. He was a resource, a friend, a workout partner, and was a true leader when it came to giving hope to others on their own journeys in sobriety. When he was sober, he took care of himself mentally, physically and spiritually. He would attend meetings daily, Church weekly, and would frequently participate in runs, running over thirty 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and marathon races.When he was in a structured environment, Michael didn’t have a problem with being sober. It was always what would happen after intensive treatment. When he left the facilities that helped him to reach his sobriety, he would get lost without the constant support and would fall back into bad habits.

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